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These 3D printed pocket sized turkish spindles are perfect for traveling and spinning on the go. 

They are durable and printed in PLA. I print the shafts split lengthwise for strength so the tip is less fragile. Each spindle has a cute Acorn or Mushroom on the bottom for a little bit of weight.


Acorn Large -

Shaft 6"

Arm Length 4"

Weight 20g


Mushroom Medium -

Shaft 5"

Arm Length 4"

Weight 19g


Acorn Small

Shaft 5"

Arm Length 3.5"

Weight 13g


They pair well with the 3D printed wrist distaffs to keep your fiber supply organized and out of your way. Wrist Distaffs are available in the shop in many different designs and colors. 


This listing is for the 3D printed tool only.

3D Printed Turkish Spindle

Arm Stripe Color
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