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3.5" Cannibal Crossing Sticker Pack 1 (Animal Crossing x Horror Icons)


Four ~3.5" Cannibal Crossing Character Stickers
- Jason Bearhees (Chow x Jason Voorhees)
- Lamb-ibal Lecter (Muffy x Hannibal Lecter)
- Slaying Sloth From Another Solar System (Leif x Killer Klowns From Outer Space)
- Nooksaw (Tom Nook x Jigsaw)
One ~1.5" Cannibal Crossing Leaf Sticker


Hand-drawn stickers make a great gift for the alt lifestyle / goth / pagan / witchy person / partner / sibling / child in your life!
Or just treat yourself!


Matte finish Vinyl Die Cut sticker, Durable and Weather-resistant
Cut will easy peel edging!
Each order is mailed in a flat envelope package.

Animal Crossing x Horror Icon Sticker Pack 3.5" - Cannibal Crossing

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