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Let your viewers hang out at your new Pastel Goth manor with your creepy cute emote / emoji friends!  It's an incredibly adorable (and spooky) setup!


***You will receive***
- 3 animated Horror Forest stream / OBS screens - Starting Soon, BRB, Offline (animated mp4 format / non-animated png format)
- 7 Static Alerts - Subscriber, Follower, Host, Donation, Raid, Cheer, Member
- 20 Static Panels - See listing image.  There's a lot! ^_^
- 6 Emotes - Cry/Sad, UWU/Cute, Pout/Grump, Dead/RIP, Evil Laugh/Mwahaha, Happy/Smile/Grin
- 6 Sub Badges - Pumpkin-themed!
- 4 Static chat/webcam frames - 16:9, 4:3, 9:16 (2) aspect ratios/formats
*** Watermark will not be present in purchased/downloaded set ***

*** Watermark will not be present in purchased/downloaded set ***

Please note: All materials in this pack are pay to use and non-exclusive. You are free to use them wherever you want. Twitch, Youtube, Discord, etc.


Terms Of Use:
• For Personal Use only.
• You may not claim this work as your own.
• You may not gift, resell or reproduce this art / clip art in any way.

Animated Haunted Forest Stream Kit

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